HP Non Stop/Tandem Production support role @ Milwaukee, WI

 Torque Technologies LLC
Milwaukee, WI, United States
  7-10 Years
Posted on 11 15, 2017
Key Skills: HP Non Stop, Tandem, SCOBOL, COBOL85, DDL, SQL, FUB, TAL, TACL, ACI BASE 24

Job Description

?       Minimum 8 years experience working in a HPNon-stop / Tandem environment

?       HP NonStop – COBOl85, SCOBOl, DDL, SQL, TACL,FUB, Pathway

?       Minimum ten years development experience withTAL, TACL, C

?       Required experience with ACI BASE24 or similarswitching application

?       Minimum five years experience gatheringrequirements/documentation

?       Strong human relation skills (the ability towork well with others and to be a team member)

?       Ability to coach and train other supportassociates

?       Experience working in an EFT environment

?       Knowledge of message-based testing tools such asAscert’s VersaTest

Employment Type


Work Authorization

US Citizen Green Card H1B


9 Months/Contract

Direct Client Requirement


Working through a Preferred Vendor


Employer Details

Name: Sai Sudani
Company: Torque Technologies LLC
Location: Cary,NC
Contact: (860) 819-3758

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