Full Stack Java Developer

 Corpteq Solutions Inc
Lansing, MI, USA
  10+ Years
Posted on 12 06, 2018
Key Skills: j2se, REST JSON HTML5, JQuery and MVC framework like Struts/Spring

Job Description

Full Stack Java Developer
Lansing MI
12 months
Phone Interview

MUST HAVE 10 years of experience

While this is listed as a Java developer we actually prefer talented engineers which consider Java as one language in a toolkit and which have consistently chosen the right tool for the job using solid distributed design patterns and modern WebScale techniques.
•J2SE Experience within last 2 years at least 10 years total.
•Experience working directly with Jetty, Tomcat or similar server writing at the HttpServlet.   Has directly written REST JSON services at this level using only the container and J2SE features.  
•RDBMS schema design experience.   Also includes experience designing business domain specific JSON to transport partially materialized views from the schema.
•RDBMS schema refactoring experience with experience releasing breaking changes to prod with minimal downtime.  
•Extensive experience implementing, maintaining and using HTTP REST/JSON and API level system integration tests to facilitate release process. 
•Conversant and able to use at least 4 programming languages.
•Solid Java and J2EE development skills with 10 years J2EE experience. 
•Written parser for files of complexity equal or greater than EDI 834 in at least 2 different languages.
•4 years’ experience in SQL and Oracle.  Understands and can explain when transitional semantics will limit scalability in large scale distributed systems.
•Detailed knowledge of browser DOM with direct manipulation.
•Experience with Angular Framework. 
•Has written at least 20K lines of code directly in JavaScript manipulating browser Chrome.
•Has written HTML that scales between form factors using Native HTML features without using Bootstrap.
•Experience with Angular framework.
•Able to write & Modify CSS to meet visual guidelines using HTML5.
•Comprehensive knowledge of Web design patterns and front end technologies like HTML5, JQuery and MVC framework like Struts/Spring. 
•Solid understanding of the collections frameworks.
•Object-oriented and service-oriented design concepts, including knowledge of data transfer objects and associated design patterns. 
•Knowledge of UML. 
•Excellent communication skills with the ability to solicit and formalize requirements and work with end users/customers. 
•Ability to work in a semi-structured environment where requirements and priorities are dynamic.
•Experience with agile development methodology.

•Experience in Insurance Domain 
•Experience in Claims processing Domain
•Experience in Dental Claims processing Domain
•Experience in Inventory Control or Audit Domains
•Experience in HIPAA and PCI security Domain
•Experience with Webscale technologies such as Kafka,  Memcache, Riak, AWS, Shared nothing architectures. 
•Experience building and deploying software onto AWS or Openstack using Chef, Docker or similar technologies.
•When using libraries such as J2EE Soap need to understand and verbalize how this works through the entire stack and how it could be implemented from the ground up. 
•Experience writing complex general purpose algorithms such as databases, machine learning engines, parsers, etc.
•Writes code both at work and for fun.   Has created or contributed to open source projects.
•Experience with Test Driven Design (TDD) methodology.
•JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology knowledge and experience.  
•Experience with Web Logic Portal technology. 
•Good understanding and ability to explain ROI tradeoff between System API integration tests and Unit tests and how they would make such a decision in a budget constrained environment.
•Good understanding of junit testing and continuous integration environment.
•Experience with Java Message Service (JMS) and Message Driven Bean (MDB) development is preferred.
•Working knowledge of developing and deploying applications in Weblogic portal environment.
•Understanding of Service Oriented Architecture and experience working with web services.
•US Citizenship is preferred.
•Experience in the insurance industry, specifically with the health care industry.
•Recent experience with Oracle Weblogic 10.3.x or greater.
•Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering or a related field or comparable work experience.

Employment Type


Work Authorization

US Citizen Green Card EAD (OPT/CPT/GC/H4) H1B

Direct Client Requirement


Working through a Preferred Vendor


Employer Details

Name: Anil behara
Company: Corpteq Solutions Inc
Location: Cumming, GA, United States
Contact: (678) 679-3505

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