Security Development Engineer

 Corpteq Solutions Inc
Alpharetta, GA, United States
  7-10 Years
Posted on 01 10, 2018
Key Skills: DevOps, AWS and Azure, Infrastructure, build security hardened tech stacks

Job Description

SecurityDevelopment Engineer

6 months with extensionpossibilities

Alpharetta, GA

ONLY LOCAL candidates for this role.

In this role you will represent the security policies, practicesand tooling of the global security team to the development team, while workingwith them to solve the business problems that they are assigned. You will beworking with key stakeholders like product owners, business owners andenterprise security leadership. The primary goal is to work on ensuring thatthe software developed by the team across different product families andinfrastructure have all identified issues resolved either with code fixesand/or configuration changes as appropriate. You will provide the securityexpertise to the team as the team develops and deploys applications on theinternal private cloud and public clouds like AWS and Azure. 

As an engineer on this team,you will participate in in-depth reviews of the architecture, design,implementation and maintenance of the business applications. You will beinvolved in cross-functional efforts for the purpose of maintaining andelevating the security of those applications. Ultimately you will be a criticalcomponent in delivering the DevSecOps model to the development teams. TheSecurity Development Engineer is a technical and innovative individualresponsible for creating software that enables, enhances, and propels theimportant work of providing security services to protect EWS Data assets andincrease the resiliency of the services we provide to our customers. 

*Works with key stakeholders including enterprise security leadership to trackopen issues and follow up to resolution 
• Ensures scan and pen test results are analyzed in a timely manner andcaptured in the bug tracking system to enable review and prioritization 
•Categorizes issues per the pre-defined process and works with key stakeholderslike product management, R&D and business owners to ensure resolution 
•Works with key stakeholders like Dev Ops, Infrastructure et al to buildsecurity hardened tech stacks are used for development and production 
•Responsible for leading, assisting resolution of identified security issues,when appropriate resolving the issues via code changes, configuration changesetc. 
•Designs, develops, and implements software solutions guided by organizationalstandards and processes, but not constrained by them, to promote automation andefficiencies in support of the security program’s goals and objectives. 
•Collaborates with developers, analysts, engineers, and managers to identifyand implement software solutions that meet security policies andpractices. 
•Brings existing security tool stack to bear on development problems 
•Identifies security requirements and related controls that may be more easilyor quickly satisfied or implemented through software-enabled mechanisms andprocesses. 
•Consults with team members to increase awareness and understanding ofbenefits, implications, and limitations of existing or proposed software-basedsolutions. 
•Actively collaborate with other security team members, product teams, andother stakeholders to help create and maintain software-based security controlsin line with industry best practices and specific business requirements. 
•Updates applicable knowledge by maintaining awareness and understandingemerging, technologies, strategies, approaches by participating in conferences,attending seminars, reading professional publications, etc. 
•Coordinates security advisement for the development team and aids inremediation of any concerns. 
•Provides security Subject matter expertise for the team, representingcorporate security teams to the development teams and representing developmentteam issues to the corporate security team



Warm Regards…



Corpteq Solutions Inc.

PeachtreeParkway Center

1255Peachtree Parkway

Suite# 4104

Cumming,GA -30041



Employment Type


Work Authorization

US Citizen Green Card H1B



Direct Client Requirement


Working through a Preferred Vendor


Employer Details

Name: Anil behara
Company: Corpteq Solutions Inc
Location: Cumming, GA, United States
Contact: (678) 679-3505

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